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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers with most questions before you book your tour at Sólhestar!

What is the weight limit?

The weight limit is 110 kg for an Icelandic horse to carry

Do we have horses for all level of riders?

We offer riding tours for all levels of experience, Both beginners and more advanced riders.

Our tours all start in one group and our guides split up the group on the way for more experienced riders (more advanced riding paths) and then beginners go for the slower group goes for more easy riding paths.

Safety is always in priority and our guides can advise you if you are ready to go for the faster group or not.

This activity is not suitable for pregnant women. 


The age limit is found n the list of FAQ

Can i bring my own riding gear?

You can bring some used riding gear to Iceland, please check the list below


Used riding gear allowed: 

Riding clothing (washed at 40°) Helmets (has to be disinfected)


Used riding gear not allowed:

Used saddle, Used bridle, Used noseband, Used riding shoes, Used gloves


All new riding gear that has never been used around horses outside of Iceland is allowed in Iceland!

Infomation if i will arrive by own car?

Both our location (Ölfus and Reykjavik) has free parking for you.


The meeting time for our horse riding tour is 45 minutes before Departure!

For 10:00 Departure (Meeting time 9:30) 

For 14:00 Departure (Meeting time 13:15) 

If you are running late, please contact us via phone at +354-8923066


Our location!


Sólhestar horse rental Ölfus 

See all tours in Ölfus 


Sólhestar horse rental Reykjavik 

See all tours in Reykjavik

What is the age limit for horse riding tour?

We have a different age limit in our locations:


Ölfus Stable:

Ideal family riding tour Ölfus: 8 Years old

1 Hour riding Ölfus: 6 Years old

Longer tours: 18 Years old


Reykjavík Stable:

Red lava riding: 10 Years old

1 Hour Red lava: 10 Years old

3,5 Hour Red lava: 16 Years old

When do my pickup start?

When you have chosen the pick up option for your tour, the pickup always starts 60 minutes before the departure of the tour.


For tours with starting times at: 

10:00 (Pickup is 9:00) 

14:00 (Pickup is 13:00) 

“Pickup can take 15-20 minutes so please wait patiently”


Please be ready at the pickup location on time.

Are you not sure where to be picked up? Please contact us and we will help you!

Pickup is only available for Reykjavík City.

How should i dress? or do i need to bring something with me?

We advise our customers to dress according to the weather, and that is also good to bring your phone on the tour to take some amazing photos of your trip.

Sólhestar offers outdoor clothing if that is Raining or Snowing!

Please note: We do not offer Rainclothing or Wintersouits for kids


In our coffee area, you can keep your backpack or other things while you are on a tour with us!

What is the the cancellation policy?

When you book directly with us, we offer free cancelation until 24 hours before departure of the tour! If you want to cancel your tour, the request has to be received via email to

What if i am not at pickup location or meeting point on time?

For bookings with Pickup. 

We send Confirm from our system 12-24 hours before departure with confirmation of your pickup on time and location, this information should also be located in your confirmation email and voucher when you created the booking direct or with partners.

Pickup always starts 60 minutes before departure for tours that include pickup service.

When our driver doesn’t find our customers at the pickup location on pickup time, we call the number listed on the booking, if the driver can not find a customer within a 5-minute time, the driver leaves the pickup location. and our customers need to come by themselves to the stable.


Self-drive infomations

All our customers who book tour with no pickup has to arrive 30 minutes before departure. If the customer is not at our location when the tour departure, we can offer the customer to rebook the activity for 7.000 ISK per. person

Self-drive information can be found on your voucher when you have created a booking.

What information do i need to share on my booking?

When a booking is made, we require basic information about the passengers.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number (We can reach you on)

All information is carefully kept in a secure database of our booking system.


Can I book a private tour at Sólhestar?

Yes, you can!

If you want to book a Private program at our company, please contact us via email at and we will make your dream come true! Our team has over 12 years of experience in customizing activities for our clients.

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