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Sólhestar is a company that has shown how wonderful it is to meet the Icelandic horse and takes a ride in amazing areas. Sólhestar opened in 2010 first in Ölfus and has grown up with great professionalism and offers great tours all Year around. At the end of year 2016, we opened a new horse rental in Reykjavik and now we offer great riding trips to RedLava Hills. We have 80 horses that we can choose from which is best for every customer, We think a lot about quality and safety and we have done that from the first day. Now we offer 15 different tours in 2 different locations in the south of Iceland, Sólmundur Sigurðusson and Sjöfn Sveinsdóttir are the owners of Sólhestar, they do the things very personally, Sólmundur and Sjöfn have been in riding for many years and have a lot of experience both in horses and in service. We are proud of that to be a big part of horse industry Iceland and that is an honor to offer riding tours for our travelers.

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